Become an instructor

Want to receieve training to become a snowscoot instructor? Here is some useful information that will help you take your decision.

Status and roles of the snowscoot instructor

The instructor has a very important role at a ski station. He must not only be a teacher, but also promote the snowscoot at the station.

Role of an instructor

The instructor must be able to communicate his love for the snowscoot while considering the difficulties that the student may face: fear, speed, clumsiness, etc. He must make sure that he understands the expectations of his students and most of all remember that the snowscoot must be an activity of fun, discovery and relaxation even if the student is taking a lesson.

The snowscoot instructor lessons aim to train teachers who will understand the technique and will be able to communicate their knowledge while listening to the community.

Social role

As soon as the instructor puts on his instructor uniform, he becomes an ambassador of the station for snowscoot lessons:

  • With his language
  • With his personal presentation (cleanliness, dress, behavior, etc.),
  • With his professionnalism.

Instructor ethical code

  • Listen to people,
  • Greet people,
  • Speak to people,
  • Offer your help if the opportunity arises,
  • Always smile,
  • Always be dressed neatly,
  • Do not chew gum while teaching or while speaking to a client,
  • Do not smoke during the lessons,
  • Remove your sunglasses when you are speaking to the class (if the sun does not bother you),
  • Ban any derogatory remark towards the client or the station,
  • Avoid negative remarks towards the snow conditions or the snowscoot,
  • Always check, before the lesson, the conditions of the trails that will be used and if you judge that the conditions are hazardous for the sudents, speak to your supervisor immediately,
  • Do not cut the class of another instructor while you're giving your lesson,
  • Avoid using all the length of the trail while giving your lessons,
  • Care for the well-being of the class before yours,
  • Finally, do not ask what the school can do for you, but what you can do for the school.

Training terms

Monitor Level 1
Lenght: 3 days

Alliance snowscoots monitors of Canada accreditation
Price:99$(tax inc)

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